The first part of the route goes along the coastline and through a small wood.There is a beach at the end of the wood.A kilometre later do not forget to close the gate of the fence, please. Here begins an easy but rocky gradient.

There are no natural shades in this area and no places to have a refreshing drink. From the top of the hill, on your right side, you will see an excellent picture of the Koπljun bay. No matter how hard this route may seem you will end it in no time because it is a very short one. Have a spare inner tube or a mending kit because sharp rocks or thorns could damage your tyre.The last part of the route passes near sheepfolds and shepherd’s huts.The exit is on the road to Povljana (a kilometre away from the village) and some 400 metres later, there is a route number 4.

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