If you start your trip from Pag with route number 2 (turn right at its exit) 4 kilometres later you will be at the crossing for this route. It is very attractive for all categories.The road is narrow but asphalted and not very frequented one.


Freshwater lake in 1988 was declared ornithological reserve. The lake has recorded 160 bird species of which 66 are nesting. With numerous songbirds at Lake live ducks, grebes, black coots, little grebes, great crested cormorants, gray herons, egrets, bitterns, ibis, Ferruginous Duck, spoonbill, and the lake nesting gadwall, Harrier and great lark that are endangered in Europe. For some species of migratory birds Lake Velo Blato is the only place in Europe that can land, rest and feed before continuing the flight.On 2,9th kilometre you will see another ornithological park – Velo blato.The end of this route is 5,5 kilometre form an interesting village – Vlašići. Close to the magnificent beach there is the site where you can use medicinal mud. If you turn right before VlaπiEi you will take adirection towards Smokvica and route number 5.

Here is the map of the route:

And the altimetric view:

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