A narrow, asphalted road (1,2 km long) from Vlašići to Smokvica passes through grasslands and small isolated sandy beaches. It takes you to the beginning of a more demanding route. It is not demanding because of its length but because the terrain is inaccessible and rocks are very sharp.


Both you and your bicycle will need staying power to end this route. Route length is 7 km. After having passed some 4,5 kilometres of the route, do not get down from the bicycle and do not stroll around because you could meet the only poisonous inhabitant in this area – the horned viper snake. All your hard work will prove when you reach a beautiful and green end of the route. At 5,5th kilometre there is a wooden gate you need to close after passing through it.The route ends at the beginning of the route number 6. At this point you are only 1 kilometre away from Povljana. Cycle track Smokvica requires great stamina, so it is recommended only experienced cyclists.

Here is the map of the route:

And the altimetric view:

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