Start ”The most beautiful view” walk some 200 metres away from the centre of Pag, near the cemetery. Enjoy your trip strolling around for the next 2800 metres till the TV repeater (263 metres above the sea-level). Climbing the stoney part of the hill might be a more demanding adventure but surely more satisfying one! This path is also suitable for those who love extreme ways of bike-riding.

All along the way you can see authentic, aromatic and medicinal herbs, such as garden-sage.The view one has from the top of the hill is something one will never forget.You will fall in love with Pag and Velebit channel at first sight! You may continue your walk along the macadamized road heading south to Šestakovci beach or towards Gorica.The exit to the main road is some 4 kilometres away from the town of Pag.

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