It starts at Pag beach and continues through the settled area – Vodice (it is some 4 kilometres long). There you can have a short rest, have a refreshing drink, a snack or a lunch in a nearby restaurant.

At the 5th kilometre (precisely, at 5,7th km) of your ride, on your left side, you will notice a sign denoting the beginning of the route to the top of the hill – Sv.Vid (St. Guy). If you don’t want to go with this uphill path you can carry on to the designation of the 15th meridian which is at 6th kilometre (6,2th kilometre).

You will be ”interrupted” by the dazzling beauty of the nearby coves and beaches all along the way.The accesses to them are very sheer so be careful and patient in finding a better and more accessible way to get to the desired beach and its refreshing water. In the middle of this route, there is a fresh Velebit water spring and Sveti Duh (Holy Spirit) beach.There you can sunbathe and swim nude (11,4th kilometre).At Sv. Jerolim (St. Jerome’s) chapel (12,9th kilometre) you can take a rest in the shade of coniferous trees and after that continue the adventure to Novalja. Driving along an easy gradient toward Kaπtel, on your left side you can see the ornithological park and one kilometre further you will arrive at the crossing which either leads to Gajac (a tourist settlement) or to Novalja. If you continue driving along the route, after a short macadamized gradient, you will reach Novalja.

Vodice(Pag plaža)- Sv. Jerolim- Gajac-Škunca (Novalja) track profile

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