This route is an ideal shortcut towards the road that leads to Vlašići or Povljana. Riding along this road, one avoids a much frequented road from Pag to Zadar. At the end of the first kilometre…

there is the old town Pag and some 200 metres further begins a macadamized road without any severe gradients.The special and exciting experience will be passing near the salt-pans. If you would like to visit the Salt factory Pag, please contact Pag Tourist Board at least one day in advance.The last 300 metres before reaching the main road are very narrow and this earthen road passes through reeds. If you turn left you will proceed to Gorica which is some 600 metres away, but if you turn right using routes number 4, 5, 6 and 7 you will reach Povljana.

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